Donations for army households going through meals insecurity herald 1 million meals

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The Pentagon — and “CBS Evening News” viewers — responded to the disaster army households face in regard to meals insecurity following intensive reporting on the problem.

The response and donations have been in a position to herald 1 million meals — sufficient to feed 7,000 households battling starvation.

Near Fort Hood in Texas, a whole lot of households every acquired 60 kilos of free groceries.

“This food makes a huge impact on their lives, on their family lives,” stated Sergeant Nathan Akridge.

In February 2021, CBS News began reporting on army households struggling to feed themselves.

The causes ranged from low incomes to frequent strikes to being denied transferring up their chain of command.

“I cannot feed my kids,” Kay, an active-duty Army partner, stated. “It’s simply unacceptable, actually.

“How can they focus on the mission when your family can’t even survive?” stated Abigail Kennedy, an active-duty Navy partner.

In one research, almost 40% of active-duty army households confronted starvation points at the beginning of the COVID period.

Finally, the Pentagon agreed to assist them.

“Our men and women in uniform have enough to worry about. Basic necessities like food and shelter shouldn’t be among them,” Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin stated.

CBS News viewers additionally made donations totaling greater than $600,000 — which had a huge impact.

“This would not have been possible without the support of CBS shining a spotlight on the issue and then the viewers who leaned in. Incredible support,” stated Shannon Razsadin, the chief director of the Military Family Advisory Network.

These households have our backs and CBS News viewers had theirs.

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