Americans with opposing political opinions study to see one another past labels

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Nearly one yr after the assault on the U.S. Capitol, it could appear to be what divides Americans is simply too vast to carry us nearer collectively. But one group has been making an attempt to alter that. 

Since 2017, Make America Dinner Again has someway bridged Red and Blue America. People disagree agreeably on scorching button subjects like race in America, gun restrictions and COVID vaccines. 

Strangers obtained collectively to speak politics at an in-person meal earlier than the pandemic compelled the conversations to occur by way of Zoom. 

“Once everyone has a chance to share, there’s a lot of goodness that can happen,” stated Justine Lee, the co-creator of Make America Dinner Again. 

Wes Dennis, who described himself as “fairly liberal,” and Patrick Yu, who stated he’s “relatively conservative,” have change into associates after stepping outdoors their silos the place many liberals and conservatives stay. 

“We disagree on a lot of things,” Dennis stated. “Some of those members regularly frustrate me.” 

“I wouldn’t say I see them differently. I see them, period,” Yu stated. “Before, I didn’t see them at all.” 

The conversations are stored civil by on-line moderators and members largely seeing one another as individuals. The aim wasn’t to alter minds, however to alter hearts. 

“What choice do we have? We share this country,” Lee stated. 

After the January 6 riots, the nation has seen one various: Make America Dinner Again is meals for thought.

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